Family Trip to London in April 2020! When to book??

This is where the rubber meets the proverbial road as it relates to booking Inspirato Pass trips! So here’s the situation. Our family has a long-planned trip to London during my daughters’ Spring Break this year. We’ve never been to London as a family and are pretty excited about this adventure! Our dates our fixed. Our flights have been paid for. My daughters have this entire week off of school. We basically have zero flexibility for this trip as far as dates go! Will Inspirato Pass serve us well with this trip? I don’t know yet. We’re at risk with this one. I’m very much hoping they have some great offerings when we are ready to book.

The soonest that we can book this trip will be January 9, the day after we return from our trip to Deer Valley. So, I have the following decision to make:

  1. Do I try to squeeze in a getaway for my wife and in February up to wine country? We’d love to get a weekend away together mid February when our girls are both away at a church camp for the weekend. But, would there still be nights available at the Taj 51 in London for our Spring Break trip if we don’t book until mid February? As you can see in screen shot above, as of today 12/3/19, we’d have no problem getting 7 nights in a two bedroom suite at Taj 51. However, that’s 4 months out, or $10,000 of membership fees. As April approaches, the nights available will be reduced. I’d estimate that after our Deer Valley trip, we’ll be at 5 nights of the two bedroom suite (maybe 6? maybe only 4?). If we sneak in a weekend away in February, where would we be for nights in London…5 still, or maybe down to 4 or even 3? Regular rate for this two-bedroom suite is approximately $1,250, so each night I lose is significant. Also, there’s always the possibility that the hotel sells out and we miss out completely. That would really screw up my value optimization. But alas, we’re figuring this all out as we go.
  2. Play it safe and book London the day after our Deer Valley trip is over. I’m leaning towards doing this and being a bit more conservative. Our London trip is not flexible so this might be a case of taking a bit less value in order to gain certainty. I’d very much hope that we’re at 5 nights minimum in the two bedroom suite when we book. Less than 5 nights would be a bummer. We plan on doing a few nights in Bath or Edinburgh so we don’t need all the 7 nights in London. Another thing to point out, Inspirato does not have any vacation homes/properties in London in April (at least not at this point in time, crossing our fingers that they might add inventory soon!). This means we’re locked in the algorithm value determinator for hotel rooms. But, I strangely enjoy the game of figuring out how to do this best. Here’s the good news…I think there’s a great chance that will get to stay in a beautiful two bedroom suite at Taj 51 with our Pass membership. I also would like to think that Inspirato is actively pursuing homes/flats in London which might become available soon. It appears as if they currently have a flat in London, but reservations aren’t available after year end so I’m guessing their lease contract is up this year. This leads me to think/hope that they’re working on replacement properties. Time will tell.

So, this is an example of a scenario that all Passholders will be dealing with in one way or another. Of course the easy answer is to just double or triple your subscription to avoid these types of issues. However, most of us will probably just work within our singular Pass and do the best we can.

Once again, please shoot me messages with any questions or comments you might have about all of this. I’d love to connect with you!

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  1. Did you find that most availability for the high value places are during the off-season; ie Mexico and ski places in summer. How is availability during time when weather is ideally suited?

    1. Hi Rupert. Great question! There is definitely an impact on availability during the highest seasons at any given destination. However, we’ve always seen plenty of great options. For instance, if you want to do a winter ski week, it’s best to be flexible as to where you’re open to go, be it Deer Valley, Vail, Aspen, etc. The more options you’re open to, the better. We were open to do a ski trip most anywhere (all Inspirato options are great) last winter and ended up having an amazing experience in Deer Valley in January. Hope that helps! Thanks!

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