Inspirato Pass Member Welcome Call

Just a pretty shot of Maui on family trip last Summer 🙂

Earlier today I had my welcome call with Inspirato. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enroll in Inspirato Pass with Inspirato membership team
  2. Get assigned to an Inspirato Care Team who is your point of contact going forward for reservations and any other needs. In my case, that happens to be Team Southwest
  3. Receive call from your team to welcome you, get to know you, and answer any questions that you might have

My call was with Annette. She was wonderfully polite and friendly. She offered to walk me through the site and explain how to request reservations, etc. I told her that was not necessary as I’ve obviously explored the site plenty. She, of course, had no idea that a blog post review of our call would be soon to follow.

She went on to ask about our family’s travel interests, favorite destinations, etc. I told her that we love Deer Valley and Maui, and that Mexico is one of our favorite travel spots as well. I told her about our London trip in April. I mentioned that I make two trips every year in the fall to Scottsdale/Phoenix for triathlon events. She quickly pointed out that if I’m a triathlete I may have unique health/nutrition needs related to my travel. She asked if I generally need a blender or any other type of amenity when I travel. I expressed that we’re fairly low maintenance travelers. But since she asked, I did mention that vacation homes always have blenders, but rarely Vitamix blenders, which we use almost daily in our home. I know she made a note of that. To be completely honest, I don’t really care if there’s a Vitamix in our hotel room/vacation home, but I greatly appreciate that level of care and service. Maybe I should become more high maintenance?!

One question I did ask her was if there was a periodic email to Passholderes promoting new destinations or new hotels and vacation homes added to Inspirato Pass subscription. She stated that there were no automatic emails like that but that the team would be more than happy to email me each month to let me know about new offerings. Again, her desire and commitment to meet the client’s needs were very clear.

All this to say, my first interaction with Inspirato after having become a Passholder was an A+. My next contact will be with the Deer Valley on-site concierge to assist with any needs I might have with my upcoming trip, such as rental car reservations, airport transfers, restaurant reservations, etc. Stay tuned!

Check out Inspirato Pass here and get signed up! You could be on one of these amazing trips yourself in just days!

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