Deal of the Week! How to WIN at Pass!

Deal of the week!  Ritz Carlton Residences Beaver Creek!

My fellow Passholders and future Passholders, here is a case study of how to WIN with Inspirato Pass.  The above trip from January 13-16, if booked today, will be complete in 42 days from now.  Pass subscription costs $2,500/month, or $83/day.  42 days of Pass costs us just $3,486.  Now hold that thought for just a minute!

Let me introduce you to the deal of the week; a three night luxury getaway to Beaver Creek, CO.

This reservation is for Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch at Beaver Creek, ski-in ski-out 3 bedroom 3.5 bathroom penthouse overlooking the slopes at Bachelor Gulch.  I’m going to assume that a great number of us members love skiing.  And here’s the great news, flights to Colorado are no more than 3.5 hours from most any destination in the continental US (you Southern Florida folks have a bit longer flight), making this quite convenient for most members.  This penthouse sleeps six so call your kids, your friends, and make some plans to get to Beaver Creek!

I love Beaver Creek but I’m not going to focus on the destination here, I’m going to focus on the incredible value that can be achieved with this reservation.  Getting back to the numbers…in essence this trip will cost you 42 days of Pass, as it will be that long until you can make a subsequent reservation.  Yet, the estimated value is $12,673.  That means that you are achieving a 3.64 value return multiple on your cost!  That’s extraordinary.  Another way to look at it is that you are only paying 27.5% of the retail cost for this stay, a 72.5% discount.  This is why Pass is so extraordinary!  You will have already received over five months of subscription value with just this one trip.  That’s how you WIN at Inspirato Pass my friends!  Now go grab that reservation before I do! 🙂

I understand that this requires planning a trip on somewhat of short notice.  But shoot, it’s only for 3 nights.  Move some meetings around, call the dog-sitter, book your flights, and enjoy a ski getaway in the absolute prime of ski season.  And if you don’t ski, or if you place equal importance on your aprés ski experience, call your Inspirato on-site concierge, have them book your favorite spa treatments, and request that the following be waiting for you in your penthouse kitchen upon your arrival:

  • Bottle of Maker’s Mark or your favorite whiskey
  • Organic, locally-sourced honey
  • a couple of lemons for juicing and lemon rounds 
  • cinnamon sticks

Now, click here when you arrive at your Ritz Carlton penthouse and you’re ready to kick off an incredible Beaver Creek winter getaway!  Enjoy Pass members!

Happy Travels!

Check out Inspirato Pass here and get signed up! You could be on one of these amazing trips yourself in just days!

P.S. – I’d be remiss if I didn’t point you to the other available reservations on each side of the Ritz Carlton Beaver Creek reservation. They are equally impressive, so poke around and find the best fit for you! And again, shoot me a message if you have any questions about how to filter and search to see these results.

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  1. Or… you could hop on Airbnb and find a beautiful home in Beaver Creek for $200/night or less… Just sayin.

    1. I’m not so sure what type of beautiful home in Beaver Creek you can find during ski season for $200/night. However, Airbnb is great for many and I’ve enjoyed great stays with VRBO in the past. Inspirato is just at a whole different level as far as quality and service!

      1. This may be a nice condo unit. However, the products are not comparable in any way. City bus ride to ski resorts versus ski-in/ski-out, no amenities versus full Ritz Carlton amenities, self check-in versus full front desk and concierge services, no cleaning versus daily cleaning of your unit, 2 bedroom 1.5 bath versus 3 bedroom 3.5 bath. We’re just talking apples and oranges here. I appreciate you reading the post and sharing your thoughts. The good news is that we all have different vacation values/needs/etc and there are options for all of us!

  2. Great post Brian. I agree, I used to book AIRBNB and it’s so hard to even consider going back on the open market anymore. Fresh linens, daily housekeeping and the Inspirato host is a necessity when I’m traveling with guests now. I use AIRBNB if I want to stay in a really unique setting like an airstream in the dessert, but not for a vacation that is suppose to be a treat. completely different song and dance.

    1. Yes, having just returned from my first Pass trip, I agree! The care and service provided by Inspirato in unmatched, especially compared to Airbnb and VRBO. The daily housekeeping was a HUGE deal for us on our dad/daughter ski trip that we just returned from last week!

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