Inspirito Pass for families? Empty nesters? Couples? Who should join?

It’s a great fit for our family! Here we are excited to be at the summit of Haleakala in Maui

This is an important question! Who does this product work best for? Is it for everyone? NO! It’s not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s not great for a whole lot of us!)

  1. Inspirato Pass is not for you if you don’t love taking vacations to beautiful destinations and staying in beautiful homes and hotels. If you’re a homebody who hates the hassle of travel in general, then no need to read no further. However…
  2. Inspirato Pass could be a great fit for you if you place significant value on creating memories and enjoy developing and deepening your most important relationships through experiencing some of the world’s top destinations together! Assuming this is you, a few more things to consider…
  3. Inspirato Pass is an enabler to those of us who chronically suffer from wanderlust. You can go down a rabbit hole and get lost in the world of travel and adventure with the almost endless opportunities that Pass provides.
  4. Calendar flexibility is a huge plus if you’re going to subscribe to pass. In order to maximize value, you’ll need to be able to (at least sometimes) take advantage of trips with short planning windows, travel during weekdays, etc. This is not required, but can sure be helpful. I work for myself and am able to control my calendar fairly well to make room for vacations. I can also work from most anywhere I find myself these days. I simply need to plan my in-person meetings around my travel.
  5. Families – The vacation home offerings could not be any better suited for families traveling together, even very large families, or multiple families traveling together. You will find a plethora of homes that can easily house 8, 12, and upwards of 20 people. How awesome is that?! Flexibility is the key here. If your kids are school age and can never miss a day, you’ll of course be more limited. Now, if you home school, I cannot imagine how awesome this could be for you! Your home school campus could be global! If your kids are in private schools, or in lower elementary grades, and you’re willing to have them miss some days at times because you place such high value on family vacations, then you might want to jump in. Mom and Dad (or single parents) also need the flexibility to take the kids on vacation multiple times a year. With so many people working on their own, in home offices, etc., this could make sense for a whole lot of people. In our case, we have a decent amount of flexibility, but high school aged kids have a lot going on (understatement!). How does this impact us? Well, here’s the great part. We plan on doing a bunch of family vacations, and then sprinkling in romantic getaway trips for my wife and I, guys’ trips with my buddies, gals’ trips for my wife and friends, and what I have planned for my first trip which is a dad/daughter trip with my youngest daughter and her friend and her dad. My wife and oldest daughter didn’t have the flexibility to make this trip, but we still can get creative and plan a great ski trip getaway to Deer Valley! They’ll join next time! So, is Pass great for families? Yes! As long as you utilize it!
  6. What about for Empty Nesters? Are you serious?! Yes! I can’t imaging how great Pass will be for Empty Nesters, especially retired or semi-retired Empty Nesters. When you are only dealing with two people’s lives, scheduling becomes so much easier. Also, there are a ton of absolutely stunning hotel offerings that are for a max occupancy of two. My wife and I will be Empty Nesters in three and a half years. That breaks our hearts in so many ways! Hopefully the pain will be minimized by all of the amazing vacations that the two of us can take together. Not to mention, our daughters will also be sure to keep taking trips with us as long at we’re staying at beautiful Inspirato homes! So, it’s a win/win.
  7. Couples without kids? We return to the flexibility question. If you love vacationing and place a high enough value on it that you make sure they happen at least a few times a year, then go for it! At least give it a try. Just remember, the greatest value comes from utilizing the Inspirato managed larger homes, so take your friends along with you! You’ll become even more well-liked amongst your friends if you are often inviting them to join you on your amazing vacations. You can either be super generous and just bring them along on your dime, or you can be a bit more astute and they can subsidize your membership fee by chipping in towards your stay!
  8. Everyone else? Here’s the deal, Pass can work for anyone that LOVES luxury vacations and values them enough to make sure they get on the calendar. I know I stress (and will continue to often focus on) the value equation and the importance of getting a value multiple on your monthly Pass subscription fee. However, some folks will be much less concerned about this and simply enjoy “vacation shopping” on the site and be very relaxed about the value side of things. I’m yet to experience Inspirato hospitality and concierge services (I’ll of course post on those when I can!), but assuming that they take great care of their Passholders, that would only add to the allure of signing up, as that makes a huge difference and will radically differentiate Inspirato from VRBO and the like. We’ve been a big-time user of VRBO in the past and I’ve done deep digging on that site also and have followed its business model closely. We’ve had both incredible and far from incredible experiences. I’ll do a post all about that in the near term as it’s worth comparing the models.

I hope this is all helpful. Please shoot me a message and let me know if this was helpful. I’d love to hear from readers with comments/questions/suggestions/etc. Thank you!

Check out Inspirato Pass here and get signed up! You could be on one of these amazing trips yourself in just days!

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