Continuing to SQUEEZE value out of Inspirato Pass!

Coliseum Pool at The Pelican Hill Resort

Hello my friends!

This post is about continuing to get the most out of Pass!  So far, so VERY good!

I’ve been meaning to update you on the details of our second reservation with Inspirato Pass.  After checking out of Stein Eriksen Residences in Deer Valley (full trip report here) a couple of weeks ago, I immediately began to assess our options for a second reservation.  As you may have already read here, we are planning to go on an 8-night family trip to London over my daughters’ Spring Break in mid April.  We purchased our tickets a few months back and this trip is baked.  There is no flexibility.  All of our family has this entire week off of work and school. 

The consideration upon check-out after our Deer Valley trip was, do I go ahead and book London now, or do we try to squeeze in another trip prior to April?  I studied the options and did some value comparisons.  

Upon check-out from Deer Valley, I could have booked 7 nights in a two-bedroom Falconer Suite at the Taj 51 in London, the value of which is approximately $6,000.  However, that would have taken up 100 days of Inspirato Pass subscription, or $8,200 of value.  Therefore, it would have been a loser of a deal.  And if you haven’t come to realize yet, I’m no fan of loser deals!  So, could I turn this into a win? Well…

We live about 20 minutes from The Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast.  And we love it there!  Our family history on the beaches below at Crystal Cove covers five generations (more about that in upcoming posts).  Perhaps many of you across the country are not all that familiar with The Pelican Hill Resort, but it’s spectacular!  An absolutely beautiful property with so much to do in the immediate area…two 18-hole golf courses, restaurants, recreation, beaches, and even Disneyland is just a short drive away.  And the Coliseum Pool, oh man!! I won’t get too much into all of the touristy/vacationy details now, as I’ll include that in my trip report after our getaway.  

View from our Pelican Hill Resort Bungalow during our last stay

Back to the point here, I came across a reservation available on Inspirato Pass for a two-bedroom villa (Lotus) at Pelican Hill from February 2nd-9th.  Hmm, this would be a fantastic “staycation” for us.  I pulled the trigger. So, here’s the math.  I will have used up 32 days of Pass with this reservation, which is valued at $2,624 (32 days x $82).  I looked up what this weeklong stay would cost if booked through the Pelican Hill website (see screenshot photo below).  The total cost for those 7 nights in an exactly comparable unit was $6,306.

Screen shot of reservation page from Pelican Hill website for identical unit

I’m paying $2,624 for a $6,306 stay at the luxurious Pelican Hill Resort.  That represents a 58% discount.  Yes please!  So, we’re off to Newport Coast for a weeklong stay on February 2nd.  I’m going to bite my tongue (or I guess my fingers in this case) and not mention why I’m so excited about this staycation.  Stay tuned for the trip report!

Oh, and I know, I know.  You may be asking, but what about London?  Aren’t you risking losing room nights by doing this trip in February?  Well, yes I am.  The reservation availability for the London suite at the Taj 51 has already gone from 7 to 6 nights.  It may well drop to 5 nights by the time I can book.  But here’s my thinking; we’re in London for a total of 8 nights, so a stay of 5 or 6 nights is perfect, as we may want to shoot up to Edinburgh, take the Chunnel over to Paris, stay in Oxford or the English countryside, or even hop over to Dublin for a couple of nights.  Obviously, we still have some planning to do. Any recommendations would be more than welcome!  

I know that (as an isolated case-study) our stay in London will not provide the same value multiple as other stays, but it’s important to remember that we have to always consider the big picture value of Inspirato Pass.  Upon checkout from Pelican Hill, I will have been billed a total $5,000 from Inspirato Pass thus far, and will have received total value of $18,059 (Deer Valley and Pelican Hill stays).  That’s 3.5x value return on the subscription fee!  After London, I will have spent $10,000 of Inspirato Pass subscription fees, for what will be in the range of $24,000 of total value.  

In Summary, Inspirato Pass continues to prove to make A LOT of sense as a value proposition for us. And more importantly, it’s proving to be a vacation subscription service that “forces” our family to take wonderful trips together. Hard to attach a value multiple to that!

Happy Travels!

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