Crazy deal on Pass today!!

Big Time Deal of the Week!

So, I wasn’t going to post again before Christmas.  As of today, we have a family group of about 20 down here in SoCal with us to celebrate Christmas, and our days are full!

But, in doing my quick browse on Pass this morning, I came across this gem of a deal!  4 bedroom villa at the Belmond La Samanna, right on the water with a private infinity pool looking down on the beautiful beach below (pictured above)!  Now, to be transparent here, I don’t know this area at all.  As Orange County, CA people, we don’t get out to the Caribbean much, if ever. However, I did a quick browse of the Belmond La Samanna and it looks incredible!  Check it out here.

This reservation is for a three night stay.  Flying from LAX to St. Maarten is not easy and requires a very long day of travel.  For that reason, this is most likely not a trip that a CA family would take advantage of.  But, for those of you Passholders in Atlanta, New York, etc., you might want to jump on this…and quick!  Why?  Let’s take a quick look…

This trip is valued at $14,868.  I did a check on the Belmond website to confirm this approximate value and their rate is $4,821/night for a four bedroom villa. The Inspirato estimated value is right on.  

From Belmond La Samanna Website

What’s the cost of this trip for a Passholder?  The return date of this trip is 35 days out, or $2,879 of Pass value.  With this trip, you’re getting the equivalent of an 81% discount, or more than a 5x return on your cost!  

If you have a reservation available on Pass, pull the trigger on this one!  Or, if you’re yet to sign up for Pass, do it now and this would be your triggering trip (read first post written on this blog about triggering trips).  You’ll instantly be guaranteed to get amazing value out of your Pass. And by the way, I’m guessing this opportunity will be grabbed by a Pass holder or be off the site within a day or two, so go book now!

Happy Holiday and Happy Travels!

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    1. Great question! The short answer is that Pass cost $2,500/month, or around $82/day. You then compare that with the value of the trip and the number of days until you can make another reservation. I recommend reading my first post which walks you through all of this. Thanks!

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