Harbinger: Something that gives an anticipatory sign of what is to come…

Insert with Welcome Gift

Much to my surprise, we received a gift box on our doorstep from Inspirato this afternoon.  With all the boxes and deliveries we’re receiving these days as Christmas approaches, a box from Inspirato was the last thing I expected to see as I opened our front door to grab yet one more brown box sitting at our entryway.

Inspirato Pass Welcome Gift Box

I brought the box inside and opened up a very tastefully packaged gift box of cheese, sausage, chocolate, etc.  It appears to be the welcome gift that all Passholders receive.  What an incredibly thoughtful detail.  All of the included items are sourced from popular global destinations available on Pass.  Cinnamon chocolate from Mexican stone mills, spiced Ibérico sausage from Spain, slow-ripened Mezzano cheese from Italy…and so on and so forth.  Inspirato did not need to do this.  This was not necessary.  I would have been perfectly happy had I not received this welcome gift.  After all, none of us need more cheese and chocolate at this time of year!  But alas, that’s the whole point! Inspirato did something that they absolutely did not need to do in order to send a message to a client, a message of care and thoughtfulness.  I always appreciate this type of attention to detail, as it communicates so much more than just the gift itself.  Small detail, big impact.

This welcome gift is a harbinger, giving an anticipatory sign of what is to come as it relates to care, service, and thoughtfulness.  So, thank you Inspirato.  It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  And we look forward to experiencing even more of your care and thoughtfulness as we begin our travels next month with Inspirato Pass!

Happy Travels and Happy Holidays my friends!

Perhaps it’s time for you to get Inspirato Pass for yourself!

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