Say ALOHA to 2020 with this Deal of the Week!

I took this picture from the Montage lobby last Summer after we enjoyed breakfast at Cane & Canoe
You might want to “Snap Dragon” this deal up quick!

Let’s kick 2020 off right and get the most out of Pass! Why not start the new year Hawaiian style with a stay at the Montage Residences in Kapalua, Maui!

The last “Deal of the Week” was in St. Martin in the Caribbean. I mentioned that I was not too familiar with that destination. Well, this is different! I know Maui well and can recommend this spot with zero reservations! Maui is our happy place. We have gone numerous times over the years with my folks and my sister and her family. We’ve been staying one bay over from Kapalua, at Napili, since I was a kid. I’m honestly not entirely sure what the secret is to this area, but you just can’t help but to get instantly wrapped up in the Aloha spirit and feel your entire soul begin to rest upon arrival…and yeah, that’s a pretty great thing.

Let’s break this deal down real quick. If booked today, this trip would take up 43 days of Pass as you’d return home and be free to make your next reservation on February 14. This represents approximately $3,526 of value (43 x $82). For a five-night stay at the Montage, this is a heck of a deal! The Montage website offers a Three-bedroom Premier Ocean Grand Residence for these same five-nights with the best rate showing a total cost of $14,750 (even more than estimated value of $13,334 on Inpirato site as seen above). It’s important to mention that this unit may have a better ocean view and location within the resort, but otherwise should be very comparable to the Inspirato unit. Using Pass for this trip, you’d essentially be paying the equivalent of $705/night, rather than the hotel’s listed rate which comes in at $2,950/night with taxes. So yeah, I’d call that a deal! And this one works great for us West Coasters as there are now so many great nonstop flight options into Maui from LAX, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, etc. Perhaps you’ve just arrived back home after a Christmas break trip and are figuring out what to book next with Pass. Or perhaps you still haven’t signed up for Pass and this can be your triggering trip. One way or the other, you should snap this deal up! Oh, and tell them I sent you. 🙂

Now, I can’t help but provide a handful of recommendations for those of you who may not be too familiar with all of the awesome things to do at and around Kapalua…

Our family at sunset at the summit of Haleakala Volcano, August 2019

I’ll start with the most adventurous…

Summit of Haleakala Volcano: (for the adventurous only!) This requires a significant drive from Kapalua and there can be quite a crowd at sunset time. However, it’s well worth it and probably our family’s best memory from last Summer! The views are spectacular. But, here’s the secret. If you’re going to make the trip up to the summit, let all the other tourists head back after sunset while you stick around for a couple more hours to enjoy stargazing. Last Summer our rental car was a Chevy Colorado truck. We all piled in (there were actually seven of us!) the back of the pickup and stared up at the stars for a couple of hours after dark. We were transfixed by the clarity of the Milky Way and the seemingly unending stream of shooting stars. Oh, and believe it or not, it’s freezing cold up there so dress warm and take blankets! Don’t be like me thinking, “Shoot, it’s Maui. How cold can it be?”. You’ll end up trying to steal everyone else’s blankets! 😉

Kapalua Cliff Jumping: Whether you decide to jump yourself, or just watch the locals (there are many of them there on the weekends), this is a fun thing to do that is just a couple of minutes walk from the Montage. It’s a bit tricky to find the path there so feel free to ask the concierge. I believe the bay, just around the corner from Kapalua, is called Namalu Bay. There are a number of different heights to choose from, so find one comfortable for you, or just watch the locals jump from crazy heights! Better yet, find a floatie or inflatable tube, and just float around the beautiful bay below watching others risk life and limb!

My nephew taking the leap off the rocks! Kapalua Cliff House in the background

The Gazebo: Every trip to Maui should include at least one breakfast at The Gazebo. This cafe/casual diner type of spot is at the far south end of Napili Bay, right out on the point. Either drive yourself or take the shuttle from the Montage, or enjoy the approximately 15 minute walk from Kapalua. Although perhaps overly promoted and praised, the Macadamia Nut Pancakes truly are the way to go here. A tip to consider…this place gets busy! We like to send an early riser (usually ends up being me for some strange reason) to get our names on the list a half hour or so before it opens in the morning. Otherwise, you may wait an hour or more.

Snorkeling at “Turtle Bay”: After eating at The Gazebo, take a short stroll and peak around the corner to the south and check out Turtle Bay (actual name is Honokeana Bay). Kapalua Bay has a beautiful reef and great snorkeling…and a lot of people! Turtle Bay is much more tucked away with far fewer people. Also, as its namesake suggests, there are TONS of turtles, which is precisely why we love it. You can stand at the top of the bluff before you jump in and usually spot a number of turtles with your bare eye, making it easier to go swim out and find them. An important tip for snorkeling at Turtle Bay; entry into the water is a bit rocky so you may want to walk all the way around to the shore for an easy entry, or just take care when getting in and out from the rocks.

Now, Passholders, go ahead and make your reservation! And non-Passholders, time to get on board and enjoy five nights in February of sunsets like these!

I took this photo of the incredible sunset our last night in Maui. August 2019

And once again, please reach out with any questions at all about Inspirato Pass, Kapalua, or anything else!

We leave for Deer Valley on Saturday with Pass! Can’t wait! Stay tuned!

Happy Travels!

Are you ready to sign up for Pass yourself so you can get enjoy trips like this for yourself! Join me!

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