Inspirato Pass Introduces “Beyond Travel”. 3 Reasons This Is A Big Deal.

While going online yesterday to browse the reservation list for Inspirato Pass, I noticed something peculiar in the dropdown menu, “Beyond Travel”. I had a hunch of what this might be, but I had yet to receive any announcement email from Inspirato. The only reason I had a clue of what this might be is because, as a company, Inspirato values their clients enough to ask for their feedback when they are exploring new additions or changes to their product. That being the case, I had completed a survey a couple of months back sharing my thoughts about this type of product enhancement. So, what is “Beyond Travel”?

It’s pretty straightforward. Beyond Travel is an addition to Inspirato Pass that allows members to purchase travel and leisure related products and services with their Pass. Considering Beyond Travel has not even been formally announced, I’m certain that what is currently available is merely a foretaste of what is to come.

This may seem like a somewhat inconsequential addition to Inspirato Pass. After all, at this point in time, no one will be joining Pass just for Beyond Travel. That being said, this addition will remove one of the last hurdles that some people have when deciding whether or not to join Inspirato Pass. That hurdle being, “But what if, at some point in time, I have a string of months that I know won’t be able to travel and am not wanting to hold a reservation over a long period of time?”. It’s a legitimate concern, which now dissolves with Beyond Travel.

Here are the the 3 reasons why Beyond Travel is a big deal:

  1. Establishes value and creates an alternative for Inspirato Pass holders when they either can’t or prefer not to travel for a given period of time. It’s important to remember how Inspirato Pass functions as a product. Pass holders may always hold one reservation at a time, and upon finishing up one trip, they can then book the next. For example, my family and I just checked in yesterday to the Resort at Pelican Hill. We are using our reservation currently and will be able to make our next reservation upon check-out. Let’s say that our calendars were not going to allow us to travel until September or October, or we just didn’t know where to go next and wanted to see how our schedules might develop over the next month or so. With Beyond Travel, we’d jump on the site and select one of the offerings. As an example, let’s say I opted for the “Callaway VIP experience”. This purchase would utilize 32 days of Inspirato Pass, which means that I would be able to make my next vacation reservation 32 days after selecting the Callaway VIP Experience. At the end of those 32 days, and with my newly custom-fitted Callaway clubs, I very well might opt to book a reservation at Casa Palmero and head up to Pebble Beach to break in my new clubs.
  2. Serves as a pressure release valve to the entire Inspirato Pass inventory availability. I’m particularly excited about this aspect of Beyond Travel going forward. As I wrote about recently with the addition of Inspirato SoHo, Inspirato constantly must work to balance their increasing memberships with increasing inventory. To date, they’ve knocked this challenge out of the park. However, making a move that can always take pressure off the overall system is brilliant. Let’s say that, on average, an Inspirato Pass holder uses one month per year to take advantage of a Beyond Travel offering. That alone increases trip reservation availability by over 8%. That’s good news all around.
  3. Get cool stuff! After all, this is Inspirato. We can only expect thoughtful and creative selections to the Beyond Travel list. For our family, the immediately attractive item is Ikon Pass for the family. If you’ve been around here long, you know of our love for Deer Valley. We’ll be back this coming winter and having our Ikon Pass in hand now would only serve as further encouragement (as if that’s ever needed) to ski even more in the upcoming season. Depending on our travel schedule, I could see us taking advantage of this 45 day reservation from around August 15-October 1. Or maybe we only use a couple of weeks of Pass and grab the GoPro Hero 9 Bundle? I could order that now and have my new GoPro set up by the time we leave on a family trip to Maui in a couple of weeks. It’s so great to have these new options and considerations.

To wrap up, Beyond Travel is a big deal. It’s a strategic value addition and important to the overall product development and sustainability of Inspirato Pass. AND, you can get cool stuff. 😎

Now that Inspirato has removed all hurdles, are you ready to join me on unlimited vacations with Inspirato Pass? If so, reach out to my contact Chelsea at Inspirato. She can fill you in on all of the details and get you traveling in no time.

And if you just want to talk shop or have questions about how any of this works, drop me a note and we can chat.

Happy Travels My Friends!

Time for a new Go Pro perhaps?

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