I Can’t Keep Up! Now, Introducing Inspirato SoHo…

Okay, so just a day or two after I shared the exciting news about newly released Inspirato inventory at Montage Deer Valley and Montage Healdsburg, another email from Inspirato Collection drops in my inbox.

“Introducing Inspirato SoHo at The Dominick”

“We’re proud to announce the grand opening of Inspirato SoHo, a collection of 26 chic one- and two-bedroom suites and junior penthouses within the Dominick – an AAA Five-Diamond hotel in NYC’s trendy SoHo neighborhood.  Establishing Inspirato’s largest footprint in New York City, these luxury accommodations are perched on the 30th floor and above with twinkling Manhattan views.”

Say Hello To Inspirato SoHo

What can I say about this, as this announcement mostly speaks for itself?  I’m already spent from singing Inspirato’s praises for adding exclusive units at the two aforementioned Montage properties.  So, I’ll just do some brief praise singing about this addition in NYC.  With this move, Inspirato has just planted a big ‘ol flag right in the heart of NYC.  

Prior to this addition, Inspirato didn’t offer any fully exclusive product in NYC (at least that I’m aware of) and relied on solid hotel partnerships. So, stepping up with a branded property with 26 units is, well, extraordinary. With 26 units at Inspirato SoHo, and with Inspirato trips perhaps averaging 3.5 nights per stay, that’s around 2,700 stays available per year! As an Inspirato Pass holder, all of these inventory additions are incredibly important to the current and future value of Inspirato Pass. Any time an inventory introduction adds 2,700 plus trip a year, a lot of pressure is taken off the entire Inspirato Pass system, opening up more inventory all around the globe. What that means is that, with this addition, not only can you now stay at Inspirato SoHo, but you’ll also be able to find more and more available reservations across the entire network of Inspirato Pass properties.

Patio & Pool Area The Dominick & Inspirato SoHo

As Inspirato Pass grew like crazy over the last year, ensuring that inventory kept pace with membership growth presented a looming challenge. I’ve actually been a bit concerned about how well Inspirato would be able to increase inventory in line with ever-increasing Inspirato Pass sales and subsequent demand. Well, so far, it’s nothing short of incredible. This gives me much confidence that Inspirato will continually deliver excellent product as the program grows. And, not only have they increased inventory (which they could always easily do by just throwing in plenty of subpar/mediocre properties), but they have added some of the world’s finest properties into the mix with Pelican Hill Resort, Montage Los Cabos, Montage Deer Valley, Montage Healdsburg, Faena Hotel Miami Beach…the list goes on and on.

Lovely Patio With NYC Views

With the Inspirato Pass business model, there will always be pressure to keep adding top-notch inventory as membership grows. The good news is that, considering recent performance, we have little to worry about for a while. In fact, us Pass holders can relax and be excited about whatever inventory announcement might drop next!

Our family is looking to add a trip on Inspirato Pass to Inspirato SoHo in early August, sneaking in one last family trip before my oldest heads off to college a couple of weeks later. And how about you? Are you itching to get to NYC now that COVID-19 is approaching its long overdo departure from our land? Get started with Inspirato Pass and you could be there in just a few days from now! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, and you can always email my contact (Chelsea) at Inspirato and she’ll hook you up with the very best deal out there. Make sure to tell her that Luxury Pass Review sent you and you’ll receive an extra special welcome amenity on your first trip!

Happy Travels!

A Closer Look At The Patio and Pool Area – Inspirato SoHo @ The Dominick

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