Inspirato Pass: $2,500 Per Month. No Taxes, No Fees…Book, Stay, Repeat. Really?! BUT, Have You Read The Fine Print?

So, have you? If you are considering Inspirato Pass, have you read the fine print? Terms and Conditions? Membership Agreement? Have you grabbed your digital fine toothed comb and really gone through the agreement to understand what you’re signing up for? Is it all too good to be true? Are you somehow going to get jammed with unexpected fees?

Well, I did go ahead and read all of the fine print. I read it in detail, over a year ago now, before I signed up for Inspirato Pass. And then I read it again…and again. Why was I being so careful? Simply put, I was incredulous. I was certain that fees and taxes were going to show up, some how, some way. I thought it was clever marketing that didn’t have to mention some type of hidden fees that would undoubtedly appear when taking a trip. I peppered my Inspirato salesperson with questions. I copied and pasted portions of the Inspirato Pass membership Terms and Conditions with my related questions into emails to Inspirato, as I just couldn’t believe there weren’t going to be some sort of associated fees included every time I stayed somewhere with Inspirato Pass. I’m a bit cynical of offers that seem somehow too good to be true. So, I did thorough due diligence. The Inspirato team was patient and always able to provide a suitable answers. You can do your own due diligence, or just take my word for it and know from my experience (and the experience of so, so many others now) that Inspirato Pass is all that it claims to be. Inspirato has integrity and transparency with their product. It, and they, can be trusted to deliver.

I have had three stays with Inspirato where my folio at checkout was literally $0, goose egg, nilch, nil, nada. Pelican Hill in Newport Beach. Buckhead residence in Aspen. O’Meara residence in Scottsdale. I checked out of each of these trips with all zeros on my folio. Here’s my most recent checkout statement from our trip to Scottsdale.

I love this about Inspirato. No surprises. Ever. Of course if you get room service, or spa treatments, or eat at the on-site restaurants you will have charges to your folio. That’s why our other trips have not been all zeros. But, those charges are completely expected and you’re fully prepared to see them on your bill. It’s usually when you start to scan down the list of daily charges on your folio that you begin to see why you’re paying so much more than you had initially expected. Things like Resort Fees, Sales tax, Occupancy tax, Parking, Internet fee, and even COVID safety fees (a new one) conveniently slipped into your folio. The moment of reviewing the checkout statement always leaves me with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Of course, I never want to spend more money than I need to, but I just hate the fact that it feels so sneaky, like the hotel/resort is doing all they can to nickel and dime you with extra fees to pad their revenue. And shoot, it’s often much, much more than nickels and dimes. It can be hundreds and hundreds of dollars, or more! This is all done in an effort to keep advertised rates as attractive as possible, while at the same time driving revenue as high as possible. I see this as almost an industry wide lack of transparency and integrity.

Inspirato Pass is different.

It has 100% rate integrity and transparency. This is a big deal. As an experienced Inspirato traveler, I know this integrity carries over into everything they do. That being said, each time I open the envelope on the last morning of a trip, I cringe a bit with anxiety. It’s a Pavlovian response to years of being shocked and disappointed when opening these envelopes that are often sneakily slid under your door on the day of check out, almost as if the hotel is embarrassed by what they are doing and want to make sure that you review your statement without any staff person there in front of you to complain to. They want to make sure you have a cooling off period before you might walk over the the front desk on your way out. Well, my conditioned response to check out is beginning to change as I get folio after folio with zero taxes, zero fees, zero surprises. Thank you Inspirato Pass.

It’s always wise to read the fine print. And I recommend that you do. It’s also always a good idea to get first hand testimonials from others who have lived and experienced something for a while. So know this: There are no taxes. There are no fees. Stay, Book, Repeat.

Join me as an Inspirato Pass Holder! Email my contact at Inspirato and you’ll get the best deal out there if you mention I sent you. You can even pepper her with any questions you still might have. Or shoot me a message with any questions/comments as well.

Happy and Safe Travels!

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