Let’s Go!! Our Family Is Off To Cabo With Inspirato Pass. You Won’t Believe This Deal!

Screen Shot from Inspirato Pass Available Reservation Page on June 28
Inspirato’s Casa Ola

It is on!

We’re Back!

Let’s Vacation! (albeit, with all due precautions and face coverings ; )

I think we finally have a trip on the books that will come to fruition after many cancelled trips these last few months. Not only are we going on a wonderful family vacation the first week of August, we grabbed a reservation on Inspirato Pass that is a perfect example of why Inspirato Pass is so incredible. Let’s do a quick review of how Inspirato Pass works and crunch the numbers a bit…

  • Inspirato Pass dues are $2,500/month
  • This works out to approximately $82/Day
  • You can hold one reservation at a time (per Pass)
  • Your actual cost per trip is a function of the number of days that you are unable to make a new reservation
  • (Number of Days reservation is held + days of trip) * ($82) = Your Trip Cost on Inspirato Pass

How did that work out for us with this reservation? Let’s see…

The reservation was booked on June 28. This results in 41 total days adding the number of days that the reservation is held plus the 7 days of the trip. This reservation was open and available to all Inspirato Passholders.

(41 Days) * ($82) = $3,362 actual cost for our 7-night trip to Casa Ola in Los Cabos. The value of this trip is a whopping $15,281! That means we’re paying only 22% of the value of the trip, or getting a 78% discount! What?! Yes, please!


Our real cost is the equivalent of $480/night. You can’t even get one small room at One & Only Palmilla, Montage Los Cabos, etc. for even close to that rate. And we have a six bedroom, 5,400 square foot villa! Here’s a peak of what we’ll be enjoying….

Outdoor Living Area and Fire Pit
Great Room and Outdoor Living in the Background
Main Courtyard Entrance

Now, for those of you considering Inspirato Pass, consider the following:

  • This one trip has a $15,000 value
  • Inspirato Pass Membership dues are $2,500/month
  • This trip alone is 6 months of value on Inspirato Pass
  • Minimum commitment to join Inspirato Pass is 6 months
  • That means there would basically be zero risk to joining Inspirato Pass as it relates to value, as there would be almost five months remaining on your initial commitment to get more and more…and more value
  • When you join Inspirato Pass, make sure you book your first reservation on the very first day you join. Start maximizing that value ASAP!

If you love to travel, if you enjoy luxurious accommodations, and if you value incredible service, Inspirato Pass is a MUST!

As always, please drop me a note with any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!

Happy and Safe Travels!

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