A Bit About Me…

Hello!  My name is Brian and I’m a huge fan of Inspirato Pass.  I’m a 47 year old married dad of two high school daughters. We live in Orange County, CA.  I love to travel and tend to obsess over finding value in vacations we take as a family.  I deeply value new experiences and creating memories with family and friends.

I write this blog for the following purposes:

  • Review Inspirato Pass to help others determine whether or not it would be a good fit for them
  • Share my personal experience with other subscribers and interested parties so that they can get a good idea of how Inspirato Pass can be utilized with maximum value optimization
  • Periodically point out particularly interesting value opportunities available to Inspirato Pass members that may drive and increase subscription value
  • Encourage Inspirato as a company to continually create and increase the value equation for Inspirato Pass holders

I first came across Inspirato from an Instagram ad on my feed in late 2019.  I didn’t pay much attention to it for quite some time as I didn’t know what exactly it was.  At some point however, the mention of “luxury-vacation-subscription” peaked my interest.  I decided to click and explore.  I became fascinated fairly quickly.  There were beautiful vacation homes and hotels at all of our favorite destinations, even great Staycation options!

I got to the point where I realized, without any doubt, that the inventory offerings of Inspirato Pass were a perfect fit for us.  We could vacation for a lifetime with the inventory that they currently have.  BUT, would it make financial sense for us to invest in the program?  So, a quick summary of how Inspirato Pass works.

  • $2,500 per month, no other fees, taxes, etc.  (Of course, any additional charges at your vacation home/hotel will be your responsibility)
  • $2,500 Initiation Fee and then fully cancelable with 30 day notice
  • At the $2,500 per month level, you are only permitted to hold one reservation at a time
  • Reserve homes/hotels from the significant offerings on the Inspirato Pass website.  Duration of stay varies from two nights to up to thirty
  • You can share with your spouse/partner, but sharing with others is not permitted unless you upgrade your membership. You need to reach out to Inspirato for details and associated costs.
  • There are options for a $5,000 or $7,500 per month subscription for those who would like to have the ability to hold two or three reservations at a time.  

I began to explore the value equation for our family.  If I decided to pay $2,500 per month, how much value could I achieve?  Would it be a loser, i.e. would I save money by just booking myself?  Would it be a net zero or break even, i.e. would I end up spending the same amount of money as if I booked myself?  Or, would I be able to get significant additional value from being an Inspirato Pass member?….Keep reading this post to find out.

And please don’t hesitate to say hello!

Disclaimer:  I signed up for Inspirato Pass on November 30, 2019 and am unabashedly excited about it and the opportunity it presents to Passholders!    This blog reflects my opinions only.  I commit to write unbiased reviews based strictly on my experiences and research.  That being said, Inspirato does have a referral program for Passholders and I’d be silly not to take advantage of it! So, mention that you were referred by me for a custom gift upon arrival at your first destination with Pass!

Thanks for reading!

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