An In-Depth Inspirato Pass Review: Is Inspirato Pass Worth It?

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More Flexibility and Value with Recent Inspirato Pass Updates

I needed to update this Inspirato Pass review with Inspirato announcing in March 2023 what I believe to be the most exciting added benefit to Inspirato Pass since it’s initial launch 2019. Complimentary Premium Sharing is now included as a standard Inspirato Pass benefit. I LOVE this! Why is this such a big deal? Why such an important benefit for us Pass members? Simple…we can now share our Inspirato benefits with our family, friends, colleagues, etc. Sign up for Inspirato Pass and you can do the same! Until last month, this added benefit had a cost of $6,000 per year. Our family never added the benefit based on the cost. But, we’re thrilled to have it now and made quick use of the benefit a couple of weeks ago as follows:

I had recently made a reservation for 3 weekend nights (Fri-Mon) at Pelican Hill Resort in a fabulous 4 bedroom ocean view villa. [Quick but important interruption to the story here…VALUE…this trip had a value of around $15,000 and we reserved it utilizing around a month of Pass Days, or a cost to us of approx. $2,500. About an 83% discount off rack rate. Amazing!]. As this trip approached, my wife and I had a ton on our plates and realized that this trip might be much more enjoyable for some dear friends of ours. Mind you, these friends would never generally stay at a huge villa at Pelican Hill (and neither would we if it weren’t for Inspirato frankly).

When I made the offer to my buddy, he jumped all over the opportunity with much gratitude. Their family ended up having an incredible trip and a very special and needed time as family! They went on and on how about how awesome the whole experience was. It was such a blessing for my wife and I to be able share an Inspirato vacation like this. We’ve invited friends along with us on a number of trips, but had never been able to simply gift a trip previously. It worked out wonderfully for all of us! We’re already looking forward to the next time we can do this for some friends or extended family.

If I would have ever been on the fence about joining Inspirato Pass, this definitely would have pushed me over the edge, as it makes Pass so much more flexible and useful now that sharing the benefits and the joy of travel with Inspirato is so simple and easy…and complimentary! Thankful that Inspirato continues to find new ways to add value for its members.

Now….onto the original article…

Key takeaways from this Inspirato Pass review

Last spring, Inspirato launched a major update to their Inspirato Pass luxury travel subscription.  In some ways, it fundamentally changed the way that Inspirato Pass works for subscribers.  Yet, in many other ways, it remains true to its beginnings, but with much improved flexibility, added value, and some different optics.  This will be an in-depth Inspirato Pass review that breaks down the updated Inspirato Pass.  Let’s start with some summary takeaways:

  • Inspirato Pass is so much better than ever with its latest product update.  With the increased flexibility that has been introduced, Pass is now more attractive to absolutely any prospective member who enjoys traveling well and is comfortable with the monthly subscription fee.  The updated Inspirato Pass is good news all around.
  • It may not be the most intuitive product to understand at the moment, as the latest update adds significant value and appeal, along with a bit of complexity. But don’t worry, that’s what this article is all about.  You’ll be more than ready to launch into the new Inspirato Pass once you understand the ins and outs of the subscription.  And I have zero doubt that Inspirato’s product marketing and messaging will soon catch up to the excellence of the offering.  

Okay, let’s get down to the brass tacks here…

Is Inspirato Pass Worth It? Two Value Components Broken Down

There are two important value components (each of which has multiple sub-benefits) of an Inspirato Pass subscription.  I will refer to them as “Anytime & Always” benefits, and “Inspirato Pass Days” benefits. This split is important because out of the $2,550/month Pass subscription cost, Inspirato allocates $350 toward these Anytime & Always benefits, and $2,200 toward Pass travel. Inspirato Pass membership also includes a one-time initiation fee of $2,550.

One of the very real, but less obvious, parts of the Pass value proposition is that Pass subscribers get the Anytime & Always benefits for less than half the cost that Inspirato currently charges for its Inspirato Club subscription product (which is $650/month).

Enjoy An Architectural Marvel in Snowmass

‘Anytime & Always’ Benefits Explained

Anytime & Always – These are the benefits that every Pass subscriber has full access to every single day, that can be utilized as often as desired.  Straight forward and easy to understand.  They include the following:       

Inspirato Care

Perhaps overlooked when considering Inspirato Pass, Inspirato’s five-star service is something I’ve gone on and on about in the past (here), and will continue to do so as long as Inspirato continues to take such incredible care of its members both before and during trips.  I have been surprised at how much I value this service and what an important component it has become in all our travels with Inspirato. Inspirato’s dedicated Care team service includes pre-trip planning, on-site concierge, activity planning, transportation, you name it…and Inspirato Care has got you and all of your travel needs covered.

Inspirato Club Trips

As an Inspirato Pass subscriber, you are also a full member of Inspirato Club and can make a reservation for any available dates at any time, at any of their luxury vacation homes or hotel partners.  This is paid for on a nightly rate basis outside of your Inspirato Pass subscription dues.  Club reservations offer maximum flexibility as you can book out up to a year in advance.

Inspirato Jaunt Trips

Inspirato offers Jaunt 52 and Jaunt Now benefits to all Pass subscribers.  Jaunt trips are significantly discounted trip offerings that Inspirato releases to members every Wednesday morning.  Jaunt Now includes severely discounted stays in the next 30 days, and Jaunt 52 offers a list of trips over the coming year.  Jaunt Trips are a member favorite for sure!

And now there is even Jaunt Living for those of you who want to enjoy the Inspirato experience for a few weeks all the way up to one year! I’m not there yet, but how I’d love to sign up for a one year stay at an Inspirato residence. Our choice would be Big Sky, Montana. We’ve always wanted to spend extended time there. Soon enough, Lord willing.

Inspirato Pass Bonus Trips

Another way to grab some fantastic last-minute deals.  Inspirato Pass Bonus Trips come in two forms: trips in the next 30 days or trips in the next 60 days.  Trips in the next 30 days are fixed at a cost of $3,000 (no taxes or fees), and trips in the next 60 days are at a fixed cost of $6,000 (no taxes or fees).  Browse any trip on the Inspirato Pass list within the next 30 days and purchase for $3,000, or any trip from 31 to 60 days out for $6,000.  There is serious value to be achieved here with 30 days trips often valued at $10-12,000!  These are great to grab hold of if your Inspirato Pass is otherwise in use.

Event Tickets

I love this one!  All Inspirato Pass subscribers have full and open access to purchase concert and sporting event tickets and suites at below-market prices.  Luxury suites are hosted by Inspirato and provide complimentary food and beverage.  Having regular access to these suites is a tremendous benefit in and of itself.

I took three life-long buddies to a Lakers game in the Inspirato suite last week and we had an incredible time.  Inspirato has suites at Staples Center (Los Angeles), Ball Arena (Denver), and Empower Field (Denver).  And they are promoting the addition of suites at Barclays Center NYC, Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, American Airlines Arena in Dallas, and more.  So, so good!  

Inspirato Partner Benefits

I’m not going to list all the Inspirato Partner benefits here, but know they are substantial and available to all Pass subscribers.  We’ve particularly enjoyed Avis’ Presidents Club and Hawaiian Airlines Pualani Gold status.  I wrote about it here, but I’ve become a huge fan of Avis thanks to the Inspirato partnership and the value provided to us members.  

There you have it.  Those are the Anytime & Always benefits of Inspirato Pass.  Trips or events purchased through the above benefits are paid for outside of your Inspirato Pass monthly dues and available as an option…Anytime & Always. 

Tuscany with Inspirato Anyone?

What Are Inspirato Pass Days, and How Do They Work?

Inspirato Pass Days – Okay, time to get knee deep into what I’ll refer to as the core component of Inspirato Pass (although Anytime & Always benefits continue to grow tremendously in value!).  Let’s lay a bit of a foundation here as it relates to the new Inspirato Pass: 

  • As explained above, Inspirato Pass subscribers pay $2,200/month (plus the $350/month for Inspirato Club for total of $2,550/month) to book travel from the Pass trip list.
  • Pass Days are the currency of Inspirato Pass.  Members accumulate Pass Days which are exchanged for trips, experiences, products, etc.
  • At $2,200/month, a Pass Day represents approximately $73 cost to you ($2,200/30 days).
  • The number of Pass Days required per reservation determines the actual cost to the subscriber, i.e. 10 Pass Days equals $730, 30 Pass Days equals $2,200, and so on and so forth.
  • Value may vary substantially depending on the number of Pass Days required per reservation.  Managed thoughtfully, Inspirato Pass subscribers achieve incredible value to cost!  Our family consistently averages three times value over cost with our Inspirato Pass reservations.

There are four primary ways to utilize or spend Inspirato Pass Days:

Look, Book, Stay, Repeat

This has been the mantra of Inspirato Pass since its inception.  And for those of you long-term subscribers of Pass, this feature has not changed one single bit.  All the incredible value is still here.  If you’ve ever been familiar with Inspirato Pass, this has been the staple product.  It works like this; Browse the extensive trip list, make a reservation for your desired trip, look forward to and enjoy your trip, and then book your next trip upon check-out of your current trip.  Easy enough.  

This is what our family has been doing for two years now, and it’s been incredible in every way!  Here is a summary of our first two years with Pass is case you want to understand a bit more about the value available with Inspirato Pass.

Look, Book, Bank, Repeat

This was the entire impetus behind the updated version of Inspirato Pass.  How could Inspirato continue to develop a product that would be much more flexible to a wider range of potential subscribers?  This is precisely what we, the members, had been pining for.  Inspirato Pass now allows us to book trip reservations for a date that is further out in the future than the number of Pass days required for that particular reservation.  

I know it’s not the most intuitive thing.  Inspirato does have some messaging/marketing work to do here still.  However, that doesn’t take away from the huge value add that comes with this new component of Pass.  Here’s a quick example of how this works:

Let’s say you return from a wonderful Inspirato trip in Los Cabos with Inspirato on August 15.  Traditionally, you would need to use your Pass to book a trip that would utilize your Pass until you completed that next trip.  But, here’s how it now works with Look, Book, Bank, Repeat with Pass Days!  

  • On August 15, search for a specific trip you wish to take in the future.  Let’s say I want to take my wife to Montage Healdsburg to celebrate her birthday a weekend in February.
  • I do a search for a three-night stay in February (selecting the exact dates I want) at the Montage Healdsburg.
  • Out of a variety of options, I select a three-night stay in an Oak Knoll Forest Room
  • The trip will utilize 15 Pass Days (by the way, an incredible value!)
  • So, starting on August 15, my Inspirato Pass is unavailable to use for 15 days, or until August 30
  • When August 30 hits, I have my wife’s bday trip to the Montage in the “bank” and my Pass is now available to book something new.  In this case, let’s assume I go with the Look, Book, Stay, Repeat and select a 4-night stay at a villa at Pelican Hill for September 20-24. Upon completion of our Pelican Hill stay, our Pass is again available to book as we’d like on September 24.  And the beautiful cycle continues and continues…
  • NOTE:  Once our Montage Healdsburg trip is banked, it no longer impacts our Pass.  We simply wait to enjoy this wonderful trip.  
Weekend Getaway to Montage Healdsburg coming up in February 🙂

I get that it may not be the most intuitive thing, but it is a most excellent thing for Inspirato Pass subscribers!  And once you get the hang of how it works, it’s becomes quite simple. Again, the awesome value add of the new Inspirato Pass is that it now allows you to book date specific future travel to any destination you choose.  This makes Inspirato Pass especially attractive to those of us who might not have the schedule flexibility to always have just one trip on the books.  

Moving on to another exciting option about how to utilize Pass Days with Inspirato Pass…

Beyond Travel

For whatever reason, if you find yourself unable to travel for some period of time, or just get excited about one of the offerings, Beyond Travel can be a fantastic way to utilize your Pass Days.  Again, it’s all about flexibility with the new Inspirato Pass.  Beyond Travel offerings include travel and experience related products and services that can be “purchased’ with Pass Days.  Explore the list here to get a better idea of what Beyond Travel is all about.  

Again, I think these things are best explained with examples.  In this case, I’ll use a real-life example that our family utilized with our Pass just a couple of months back.  Here’s how it went down:

  • We enjoyed a stay in Dallas with Inspirato Pass.  Our trip concluded on August 17.
  • On August 17th, we then utilized our Pass to “purchase” a set of Tumi luggage from the Beyond Travel list.  
  • The luggage set utilized 29 Pass Days, making our Inspirato Pass available again on September 15th.
  • Our beautiful Tumi luggage set arrived upon conclusion of the 29 Pass Days.
  • On September 15, we then booked a Look, Book, Stay, Repeat trip at a Pelican Hill Villa for 11 nights starting on November 9th.
  • We’ll check out from that trip on November 20th and our Inspriato Pass will once be available to utilize.  And my plan is to book a long weekend trip in February for my wife’s birthday at Montage Healdsburg.  I’ll bank that trip after a short 15 days and then be looking for a January ski trip to Deer Valley.  See how much fun this all is once you get the hang of it!

Event Tickets

This is an Anytime & Always benefit as described above, but was also recently announced as a Pass Days benefit.  Tickets to sporting events and concerts are now available at venues across the nation and can be “purchased” with Pass Days.  I love the flexibility to be able to purchase these discounted suite tickets traditionally or with Pass Days.  My current struggle is now realizing that I could add another Inspirato Pass to utilize solely for this purpose alone!  

I hear they may be adding a suite at Angels Stadium next season, which would put me over the edge for sure.  I’m a long-suffering, but huge Angels’ fan and love the idea of seeing Ohtani and Trout play numerous times next season from an Inspirato suite.  As I say every season, this is finally going to be our year!

There you have it!  You now understand all the ins and outs of the new Inspirato Pass.  The “old” Inspirato Pass was already a game-changer in the luxury travel industry, and Inspirato only continues to change the game with the new Inspirato Pass.

Final Thoughts: Is Inspirato a Good Deal?

I leave you with this.  Inspirato Pass…

  • Is now more flexible than ever and delivers more value than ever.  ALL of the latest updates are huge wins for Inspirato members/subscribers
  • Continues to build its impressive portfolio of luxury homes and hotel partners
  • Now includes access to luxury suites for concerts and sporting events across the nation
  • Is constantly adding new and exciting offerings to Beyond Travel 
  • Creates the most amazing context for you to enjoy all the best things in life with those you love the most!  At its core, this is what Inspirato is all about!

There has never better a better time to join Inspirato Pass.  Dig in, explore, and then begin your own journey with Pass. Read more Inspirato reviews from real members about their experience, and reach out to my contact Dain at Inspirato to get up to speed on some of the exciting promotions currently being offered that are not publicly advertised.  And make sure to tell him I sent you and you’ll receive a extra special amenity gift upon arrival to your first Inspirato vacation. Come join the fun!

And, if reading this has given rise to additional questions, reach out to me!  I’d love to answer any questions that I may not have addressed (or not addressed well enough).  I’m also always happy to share tips and pointers about how to maximize value with Inspirato Pass. Thanks for reading my Inspirato Pass review!

Happy Travels Friends

Montage Los Cabos – one of my 2022 Inspirato Pass Goals

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