A Snapshot Value Audit Of Inspirato Pass. Some Interesting Finds!

At the end of the day, when considering Inspirato Pass, It all comes down to value. Is the value there? Is Inspirato Pass worth it? Can I really take incredibly luxurious trips on a regular basis with Inspirato Pass? If you are a potential member out there researching Inspirato Pass and you’ve gotten this far, you likely already qualify as a frequent traveler who appreciates vacationing in grand luxury accompanied with impeccable service. But the question still remains, does it make sense for me to join Inspirato Pass? Is the value equation a good one?

I’ve written extensively on the value component of Inspirato Pass. However, this is the first time I’ve done a value audit (if you will), or challenged Inspirato Pass to a pop quiz on value.

This past Thursday, May 27th at 5:45pm, as I was wrapping up my work day, I decided I would jump on the Inspirato Pass reservation list and assess value available on that day and then post about it. What would I find? Where could we travel? And for how many days? I understand that this was only one snap shot in time. It would be more accurate to do this a hundred times and find value averages, etc. Maybe someday (and I actually did do this extensively prior to joining Inspirato Pass myself). However, I thought it would be helpful to at least take a one day random sample of value with Inspirato Pass. Here’s what I found…

Granted, I did not do an exhaustive search of all destinations. That would take hours and hours and is something you may want to undertake on your own (it’s actually a lot of fun to get lost on the Inspirato trip list dreaming about future vacations). I focused on what type of high value trips were out there for the taking; trips that were available at that point in time to any Inspirato Pass holder. What I found was compelling, incredible values available across various dates and destinations just as we head into the high demand summer season, a time where most all of us are looking to utilize our Inspirato Pass to take some wonderful summer vacations with our loved ones.

My first search was straightforward. I went straight to a search sorting only by “Pass Value”. Inspirato provides this search option to that members can quickly and easily find the best values out there across all destinations. Here is a screen shot of what I found…

Let’s break down what we’re looking at above. First off, a 4-night stay at the Mokuna residence at the Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort. As a refresher, Inspirato Pass membership is $2,500 per month. So, a Pass Day has a cost to the member of approximately $80 per day. This trip to Maui has a cost of 11 Pass Days, or around $880. That’s $220/night with no fees or taxes. Oh my goodness! The search result shows that this trip has a 2154% Pass Value. To find value we multiply to $880 X 21.54 for a trip that has a total value of $18,955. What?! Yes, my math is correct. $880 for an $18,995 trip! Feel free to audit this yourself. Take a look for online (as I just did) at what you’d spend booking this unit for four nights in June. This is an extraordinary value. I have no idea who picked up this trip, but you can bet they were pretty excited. Our family is already going to Maui for the 4th of July week so I had to let this one go (not an easy thing to do!). I’ve got a few more of these to get through so I won’t detail the Montage Los Cabos trip, but needless to say, there’s a TON of value there also.

Scrolling a bit further down my search results were the above trips, showing more variety of destinations and further value. For instance, the Villa Oasis residence at Palmilla (an extraordinary resort by every measure) available for four nights at a Pass Value of 1534%. This trip costs 8 Pass Days, or $640. Again multiplying our $640 cost times 15.34 (1534%) provides a trip value of $9,817.60. Oh yes, an almost $10,000 trip for around $650! Remember, these were realtime trips that were available to any Inspirato Pass holder. This, my friends, is why I continue to be so dang excited about the Inspirato Pass product. Where else can you find anything that comes even close to competing with this kind of value? And if you’re an east coaster who prefers not to fly all the way to Los Cabos, you could have snapped up the trip to Rosewood Bahamar in Nassau or grabbed a few days up in the mountains of Stowe, Vermont. Plenty of options with similar value.

I won’t break down any of the trip in the screen capture above, I just want to show additional high value trips and other destinations like a beautiful lake home in Annapolis and the Faena Hotel in South Beach.

Moving on from the highest value trips, I decided to look at trips that were available to large groups of more than 8 guests. I was able to find plenty of solid options. Our travel calendar is jam packed the next few months with Inspirato trips to Maui, Costa Rica, and Islamorada, but I’m dying to get Palmetto Bluff and I would have loved to grab the 4-night stay at Coronet Cottage. But alas, I guess I can’t take all the trips all the time. 🙂

I’m including last screen shot (see below) to show a couple of trips with important elements. First of all, they were over a month out, providing plenty of time to plan for a big family trip. Second, notice the dates of the two trips to Los Cabos, July 2-6. Not only do these trips provide incredible value, they are over one of the most sought after travel weeks of the summer. And, there were two residences available at the same time! Let’s do one last value exercise with Casa Verano and Casa Cordon, both at Auberge Private Residences at Esperanza. These trips are a bit further out and require 41 Pass Days, or approximately $3,200. Trip value still comes in strong! $3,200 for a $22,000 trip! This reminds me of our family’s trip to Los Cabos last year where we achieved similar value for a stay at Casa Ola. The values are out there for the taking my friends!

All of the above trips were available to all Inspirato Pass Holders at 5:45 Pacific time on May 27th, 2022. As a disclaimer, values do vary from day to day. Not all days will have this great of value, and other days will have even higher value trips. But, at the end of the day, the value continues to be there. Destination options are fantastic and continually improving. And concierge and destination services continue to exceed all expectations.

Please feel free to message me with any questions at all. Our family consistently enjoys high value trips like the ones above. In just the last six months, our trip value achieved has been approximately $75,000! We’ve settled into a doing a mix of the extremely high-value, short-notice trips with some solid value, further out trips which allow for a bit more prep and planning. That’s turned out to be our sweet spot. It’s always up to you how you want to use your Inspirato Pass. And it’s a ton of fun to continuously explore all of the available options. After more than two years with Inspirato Pass, I still find myself perusing the trip list at least once a day. You may find yourself doing the same!

Please free to jump online and do your own research about the aforementioned values. It only takes a few minutes of due diligence to confirm. I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

Happy Travels My Friends!

Enjoyed this view in April on our NYC trip with Inspirato Pass

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