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Kicking The Tires On The New Inspirato Pass

I recently did a write up all about the new Inspirato Pass.  I walked through the ins and outs, how it all works, the new benefits, and how it’s a greatly improved version of Inspirato Pass.  But, it’s one thing to write about how it might work, and another thing to experience it in real time. 

Yesterday, I had my first opportunity to actually jump in and see how it all works and see if the new Inspirato Pass really delivers.  And, by the way, it sure does.

Our Pass became available for a reservation just yesterday.  We recently hosted some friends for an 11-night stay at a Pelican Hill Villa and then took advantage of a quick Beyond Travel opportunity to grab some Christmas gifts for family. (You may want to look into this as there are some things that are amazing gifts that won’t hold up your pass for more than a couple of weeks or less).  I should mention, I LOVE it every time my Inspirato Pass becomes available for a new reservation.  Each and every time I’m giddy with excitement as I explore what we’ll do next.  I generally have one or two ideas in mind but let the currently available offerings shape my decision making as well.

And now with the increased flexibility of Pass, I had SO many more options.  Making the whole process even that much more fun.

The last two winters I’ve done a dad/daughter ski trip to Deer Valley (which I wrote about here and here).  My oldest daughter is now away in college in Texas and my youngest (high school junior) is recovering from ACL surgery so she will miss out on ski season this winter.  However, she was and is more than happy to explore a “ski trip” that would look a little different this year.  Snow mobiling and snow shoeing still sound great to her.  So, when I noticed a few days available in Aspen in mid-January, I jumped on it and booked it right away.  Ready, fire, aim.  We got all exited about the trip until she realized that she has a church winter camp that would have overlapped.  We realized this trip wouldn’t work.  But, with Inspirato Pass, it’s simply on to the next idea.  Time to get back on the reservation list!

Our next Inspirato Pass destination – Montage Healdsburg

My wife and I have been wanting to visit Montage Healdsburg for quite some time now.  It looks stunning.  And, Lord knows that we’re due for a few days of just the two of us hanging out together and tasting some of the world’s finest wines.  I came across a three night stay from January 20-23.  My daughter will be away at camp those days so it couldn’t have lined up better for us.  This time around, I decided to check with my wife first before booking the reservation.  It worked well for us both so we booked the reservation, grabbed flights, and booked our car with Avis (we love the Avis benefits which come along with Inspirato Pass).

This trip to Montage Healdsburg will cost us 23 Pass Days.  If you’re at al familiar with Montage room rates, this is big time value.  How does this work out for us?  Well, our Inspirato Pass will once again become available to us on December 24th, almost a month before our trip to Healdsburg.  We’ll bank that trip and then be able to make another reservation on December 24, at which point a ski trip may be in play, or perhaps we’ll grab another Montage Healdsburg room and bring along another couple along, or maybe I’ll have the itch to grab some tickets to see another Lakers game in the Inspirato suite at Staples.  Or maybe something else will catch my eye on the Pass list that we’ll jump on.  Montage Los Cabos, Inspirato at SoHo, will Bieber concert tix be available by then?  We’ll find out soon enough!  See how dang fun this is?!

The previous version of Inspirato Pass would have left us with a bit of a predicament.  Last year, both of our girls were at the same high school, with the same breaks, many of the same events, etc.  Now, we have one away at college who mostly wants to hang out at home when she visits for the holidays, and we’re more than happy hang at home with her.  All that means is that we need more flexibility, and with the new Inspirato Pass, we have that.  The previous version of Inspirato Pass worked great for our schedules last year, but this year we needed the added flexibility that has thankfully been introduced.  It allows us to plan well ahead when we need to, while at the same time still enjoying being able to jump on crazy deals when they pop up and fit in our schedule.  

Can’t wait to sip some wine with my bride on that patio ; )

If I’m completely honest, as much as we were loving it, I’m not sure the previous version of Inspirato Pass would have continued to work for our family as our flexibility deteriorated this past year.  However, this new version of Inspirato Pass could not suit us any better.  None of the great components of the older version have been lost.  Inspirato merely found a way to add value and flexibility that makes Pass a vacation subscription that absolutely anyone can enjoy and get great tremendous value out of.

Another thing, I’ll be the first to admit that the rollout of the updated Inspirato Pass may have been a little wonky, a bit difficult to understand.  Inspirato has navigated that well and with integrity.  I’ve now experienced that once you live with the new Inspirato Pass for a little while, it becomes simple and easy to use.  Should you have any doubts or questions about that, shoot me a note and I’d be happy to discuss and show you how simple it really is to start experiencing a world of luxury travel with those you love most.

The end of the year is a great time to sign-up as Inspirato pushes to finish their year strong.  My contact at Inspirato is able to offer some fantastic promotions that are not openly marketed on the website. Reach out to Chelsea and she’ll hook you up!  And don’t forget to tell here I sent you.

Happy travels my friends!

Looking forward to visiting the farm at wine tasting at Truett Hurst

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