Inspirato and Avis President’s Club – Just One More Benefit Of Inspirato Pass

Inspirato Pass – Book, Stay, repeat. That’s the tagline. And it’s a wonderful thing. We’ve been enjoying booking, staying, and repeating for two years now. But, there are other valuable additional benefits for us Inspirato members. You can check them all out here, but I want to highlight how amazing the Inspirato and Avis partnership has been for our family. We’ve benefited from this partnership both while traveling with Inspirato and while on non-Inspirato trips. I’ve become a huge fan of Avis. Yep, that’s right, I’ve become a huge fan of a rental car company. And you might just become one too!

As an Inspirato Pass member, you automatically receive elite status into Avis’ Invitation Only President’s Club, which includes the following benefits:

  • 25% discount off base rents with Inspirato discount
  • Automatic double car class upgrade when available
  • Guaranteed car – every time (that’s a big one these days!)

Simple enough, right? And incredibly valuable! Since joining Inspirato, we’ve used Avis exclusively for our rental car needs. We’ve used Avis in Los Cabos, Salt Lake City (2x), Maui, Scottsdale, and Dallas (4 times). And we currently have plans to use Avis a couple more times before year end. Of course, it’s great to have this benefit while traveling with Inspirato, but we’ve enjoyed this wonderful benefit on a number of trips that weren’t even through Inspirato. The benefit is always there. I’ve used it for business travel and we’ve used it for all of our non-Inspirato trips to Texas the last number of months.

The Avis and Inspirato partnership proved to be invaluable on our trip to Maui a few months back. You’ve heard about the insane rental car shortages with COVID, right? And perhaps you’ve heard of people cancelling trips to Hawaii because they couldn’t get a rental car. Or, perhaps you know friends like ours, that we were with in Maui, who paid a few hundred bucks a day for a basic rental car just in order to have something. With Inspirato and Avis President’s Club, we had no problem getting a reservation in Maui (thanks to the “guaranteed car – every time” benefit of President’s Club) and still enjoyed a double upgrade. This benefit alone proved to be a big deal for us over in Maui. Our friends were more than a little jealous that we paid about a third of what they paid for their car and yet were driving around in a car three times nicer than theirs. What could I say? Inspirato has its perks!

Cruised All Around Dallas And Waco In One Of These Bad Boys (stock image)

Whether in Maui, Salt Lake City, Dallas, or elsewhere, our experience with Avis has been wonderful. I have the Avis app and when we land I get a little notification about what car I’ve been upgraded to and to what parking space I’ll find the car in. No checking in. No stopping. Nothing. We just walk to the car, throw in our bags, and away we go. We’ve enjoyed being upgraded to Cadillac Escalades, a Jaguar F-Pace, and just this past week a beautiful charcoal 2021 Chevy Suburban Z71 (identical to top photo). I loved it! It may seem like an exaggeration, but it really did add a lot of enjoyment to our trip. We drove all over the place in great comfort. We were able to pile in a number of my daughter’s friends to drive them to and from the football game. We cruised around to visit all of the spots my daughter wanted to share with us. It was a lot of fun. And, I just may or may not currently be looking to locate one of these beauties in our area to purchase.

One more quick story…last January we went to Deer Valley with Inspirato Pass. We rented a car in Salt Lake City through Avis. As a President’s Club member, we were upgraded to a Cadillac Escalade with 4-wheel drive. I had no idea that we had a huge snow storm in store for us the next couple of days. Not a problem though. Our Escalade navigated that snow storm with ease. Up and down the hills around Deer Valley, dinners on Main Street, you name it…our 4-wheel drive Escalade kept us safe and incredibly comfortable. And the snow-covered highway driving back to Salt Lake City on our day of departure was not an issue.

Our Deer Valley Ride – No Problem With The Snowy Roads (stock image)

Okay, one last Avis story. When we were in Maui, I dropped my wife and daughters off at the terminal and then headed over to return our car. As I pulled into the return lane, the nicest young lady you could ever meet offered to drive me back over to the terminal to drop me off. What?! I wish I remembered her name but she was a college student who had never traveled beyond the Hawaiian Islands. We had a nice chat and she dropped me at the terminal a few minutes later. I had her say a quick hello to my family and thanked her for her wonderful service. I think my President’s Club status as an Inspirato member may have had something to do with the service I received. : ) And Avis, you have a winner with that young lady on your Maui team!

If you’re an Inspirato Pass member already and haven’t utilized this benefit, jump on it! And if you’re a future Inspirato Pass member, take note of the additional value that comes along with being a member of Avis’ President’s Club. You’ll drive around you’re destination in a sleek, upgraded vehicle, while at the same time enjoying a 25% discount. What’s not to love?

Inspirato Pass is all about creating memories through travel and experiences with those you love the most. And thanks to the Inspirato and Avis partnership, you can create those memories while driving around in style.

Had Lots Of Fun Driving Dallas to Austin In This Bad Boy!

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