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New Study Proves Inspirato Pass Leads to Significant Weight Loss! 🤔

I know. I know. But, bear with me here. Let’s let the data do the talking and see if what we’re looking at here is a case of causation, correlation…or perhaps just simple fabrication?

Okay, the science (and I will use the term a bit loosely here) behind the new study is as follows:

So you might already be realizing that this study may not end up on the pages of the New England Journal of Medicine anytime soon. But, by no means does that signify that there is not some legitimate truth here!

Here is a summary of what happened that led to this retrospective study (i.e. I wasn’t planning on tracking this or connecting it to Inspirato when I started this weight loss/fitness gain program about a month and a couple of days ago):

You might be thinking that it’s pretty crazy to lose 20 pounds in a bit over a month. Well, it was quite an effort that required 100% clean eating (except for one glorious 4th of July cheat day filled with M&M pancakes, BBQ galore, and a fair share of adult beverages…you can see already why I might struggle with my weight at times) and some intense fitness, generally two workouts a day, including some serious Pelotoning (you do know that Peloton can officially be used as a verb these days, right?).

Poor Quality Photo, but a high quality July on Peloton, and non Peloton workouts filled all the blank days (except for 4th of July…no workout)

I guess I’ll go ahead and be vulnerable and transparent with you, my readers, and even include starting weight, current weight, weight history, etc. So, I’m a bigger guy. I like to eat. I enjoy food and drink. At the same time, I also love to workout…running, biking, and swimming. I even became an Ironman last year when I completed the full Ironman in AZ back in November. I weighed in at 220 last year for Ironman.

After Crossing the Finish Line at IronMan AZ in November, 2019

I’m 6’1” so I can carry that weight decently well (That being said, my target weight is in the 190’s so there’s still a lot of work to do!). But, after Ironman came the holidays, and after the holidays came COVID-19 quarantine, and after COVID-19 quarantine came a fairly brutal realization. Sometime in late April, I looked down at the scale only to see a 241 number rudely and brazenly staring right back up at me. Sadly, I sat at that weight for a couple of months. Yeah, I had gained 21 pounds in about 5 months. Embarrassing and disappointing, yet I still wasn’t finding the motivation to get my fitness back. I worked out sporadically, but just couldn’t seem to find my mojo. Enter Inspirato Pass…

Because Graphs Always Add Legitimacy To Studies (check out that 4th of July blip!)

Inspirato Pass brought my mojo back! This morning I weighed in at 221, down a full 20 pounds from just a month and a few days ago. I do still need to drop around 25 more pounds to get to my ideal weight, but I got this! I’ll be in the 190’s soon enough. It will be incredible to see my weight number lead with a “1”. I haven’t seen that since high school. If I get there, you’ll read about it here in future posts one way or another. And if I don’t get there, there will be nothing but an uncomfortable silence about this going forward. 🙂

Should I credit Inspirato Pass for this weight loss? Will most people that join Inspirato Pass lose unwanted weight? Dare I say, it’s possible! After all, when do you always want to look your best? Vacations! Even on the slopes we like to look good, but of course at all of the tropical destinations, while lounging around by the beach and pool, we want to look good! And remember, Inspirato Pass both allows you and encourages you to travel frequently in order to get the most value out of the program. Rolling with this logic, the more you vacation, the more motivated you’ll be to look your best. And the more motivated you are, the more you will focus on your health, fitness, and healthy weight target goals. Is that line of thinking really too much of a stretch?

Looking forward to lounging right in that exact spot tomorrow afternoon!

What I do definitively know is that I would not have lost these 20 pounds if it weren’t for Inspirato Pass providing the necessary spark. That’s what got me to a place of motivation…leading me getting my full mojo back, big time.

Okay, now I need to go pack, eat a bowl of kale, and grab a quick workout. Just one more sleep until we leave for Cabo!

Happy and safe travels my friends!

And, if you want to begin your own adventures on Inspirato Pass, consider becoming a Passholder yourself!

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