When your daughter intercepts the Inspirato Magazine! :) Oh man, we may need a 2nd Pass!

Most recent Inspirato Magazine sitting on my desk when I returned home earlier this week.

The latest Inspirato Magazine is out…and in my case it includes little, yet not-so-subtle, notes from my daughter on where she’d like to go next with Inspirato Pass. After our recent experience in Deer Valley, she’s become quite the fan of Inspirato. She hasn’t spent hours and hours (and then more hours) on the website like I have, so she didn’t have much of an idea of all of the possibilities out there with Inspirato Pass until she thumbed through the magazine. Now, she’s already on her way to becoming a seasoned expert on Pass offerings!

I’d share all of her little notes, but there were WAY too many to include here. She did later joke with me that she felt like she wanted to go to every single destination in the magazine. I know how that feels! I guess somebody was on the receiving end of my wanderlust DNA strand.

Anyway, here are her recommendations for our family. We may need to invest in a second Pass to make all these trips happen before both of our girls are off to college. 😆

So, here we go…

We do love Costa Rica…a lot!

This trip will likely be a reality within the next year. Costa Rica is a family favorite destination. We have dear friends in Costa Rica (hopefully you’ll meet them in a future blog post trip report!) and it’s been one of my favorite spots since spending the Summer there in 1993 and subsequently studying abroad for a semester in college there in 1994. It has changed dramatically in the last 27 years, but is still just as beautiful and just as full of the wonderfully kind Tico people that make this place so special!

Inspirato’s Lusso Moderno home looks incredibly appealing!

Florence…not sure when this one might happen. If we were able to do a week at Inspirato’s Lusso Moderno home, there would be plenty of room to invite another family along with us as it has four bedrooms and sleeps eight. I’m thinking it wouldn’t be too difficult to get some friends to join us on this adventure! Maybe Summer 2021? Any takers?

Haven’t been back to Los Cabos in 10 years!

Our last trip to Los Cabos was for a destination wedding of some dear friends of ours. It was a legendary trip with a huge group of our most favorite people…and I think it’s time we go back. It’s a quick two-hour flight from LAX so it’s a great destination for us SoCal folks, even for a long weekend. As I look at our calendar, I think we’ll get this one scheduled in the next six months or so. Los Cabos is also a perfect destination for a couples’, guys’, or gals’ trip, so it’s possible this would be a kid-free trip. (I won’t mention that part to my girls just quite yet)

A two-for-one on this page…Riviera Maya and Rome!

I can’t argue with my daughter’s taste here! Two pretty great destinations! Miriam (my lovely wife) and I did a weeklong 20th anniversary getaway to Riviera Maya in the Summer of 2018 and we LOVED it! During our trip, we kept talking about how fun it would be to come back down with our girls at some point. That hasn’t happened yet, but hopefully will soon! We split our time between the Rosewood Mayakoba and the Belmond Maroma. Each were spectacular in their own right. The Rosewood Mayakoba was other worldly!

And Rome, yeah, it would be fun to make this happen. Could we hop over to Rome for a few nights when we head to London in April? Who knows? We’ll see what shakes out. My wife LOVES Roman history/art/culture in a big way so this would be a dream trip for her. I, on the other hand, am more a fan of Italian food and wine. The good news is we’ll have all of our bases covered! She’ll plan the days and I’ll plan the evenings. Sounds good to me! Thinking about it more, this might be a good anniversary getaway for my wife and I this Summer when our girls are away at camp…

Hmmm…this is tempting

Our family has NEVER been to New York City together. I’m not sure how we’ve gotten through all these years without making this trip as a family. I think the time is now.

As a family, we’re big into Peloton. We’re currently all training to run a marathon together on May 2 and we primarily train on our Peloton Tread. Going to the New York Peloton studio is like a pilgrimage to Mecca for us Peloton junkies. It really would be super fun for our family to do an in-studio ride together in New York. We’d just fight over which instructor’s class to take. I’m Team Matt Wilpers and they’re all Team Robin Arzon. And you know what that means, we’d of course take a class with Robin (whose classes I also love!). Better yet, why not take multiple classes together! It turns out that Peloton has a Homecoming event at the end of April/beginning of May so that timing might be perfect.

Oh, and I hear there’s plenty of other stuff to do in NYC besides visiting the Peloton studio 😉. Stay tuned as this could possibly be our next trip after London, if we can swing it.

Because look at that setup right there!

And lastly, The Maldives. Why? Oh goodness, do you not see those two lounge chairs at the end of that private patio/dock extending from the overwater villa? And then that ladder that drops directly into the most beautiful water you’ve ever seen? That’s all the reason I need. That’s also the reason that a trip to the Maldives sits at the top of my own personal travel bucket list. This may be a stretch as far as a trip that will happen in the next year or two, but some day!

So many trips to take. If only time and money weren’t limited and finite resources! Nonetheless, how great is it that with Inspirato you’ll never need to worry about running out of incredible vacation options?!

Still haven’t signed up for Inspirato Pass? Join me and book your first amazing vacation with Pass!

Happy Travels!

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